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Kauri Solutions is an independent consulting company committed to providing outstanding services to both financial institutions and users of financial markets.

You work for a financial institution, bank or building society, or use financial markets as the treasurer at a corporate.

Maybe you're tasked with implementing new regulations, structuring or evaluating a complicated derivative deal, or delivering a new product.

And you're faced with a problem you think is 'impossible' or difficult to solve.

Kauri Solutions Ltd provide creative insights and solutions for banking and financial markets. We relish the most challenging assignments.

As we have experience from both sides of the table (business and IT), we can help reconcile differing needs and requirements.

You benefit from a rare combination of specialist knowledge and technical expertise that you won't find at other consultancies – no matter how big they are.

Being an independent consultancy, you get an unbiased perspective with no conflict of interest.

And, as you'd expect, you'll enjoy an outstanding level of service delivered with candour and integrity.

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A book! Securitization Swaps – Practitioner’s Handbook

I haven’t published anything for a year. Not that there wasn’t anything to do on the FRTB front, but I was busy with another project of mine – a BOOK! Now it’s done, and I’d like to thank […]

BCBS publishes FRTB FAQ – but does it help?

I wrote and said a number of times, that while BCBS tried hard to set up clear rules around FRTB, it still retained a large number of ambiguities – ones that would have to be resolved by the […]

FRTB Webinar

I  co-presented an FRTB Webinar with Quantifi Solutions’s Head of Research Dmitry Pugachevsky. The webinar was based on our co-written whitepaper. Dmitry covered the new proposed the new proposed CVA rules, while I covered the “main” […]

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