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Meet Vlad Ender

Kauri Solutions Ltd was founded by Vlad Ender.

He is expert in the financial sector, especially Basel 3 regulatory requirements, derivatives and securitisation. Uniquely, he blends in-depth knowledge of the financial markets with business acumen and IT skill.

Based in the UK, Vlad's previous experience was gleaned at National Australia Bank and technology companies in New Zealand. (Kauri Solutions Ltd is named after the largest tree in the North Island. They live for up to 4,000 years, and were used for ship-making by both Maoris and Europeans. Our brand name therefore symbolises long-standing commitment combined with innovation and exploration.)

Vlad holds an MBA from London Business School and a computer science degree from Charles University in Prague.

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What people say

  • Vlad has the capability to communicate complexity – be it code, financial modelling or pricing nuances – in a manner that makes them easily understandable to the various stakeholders involved.
    Robert Phillips
    Head of Finance
  • Vlad is a great and rare combination of technical expert, good programmer, logical thinker, able to tackle fresh/new material for which there may not yet be market consensus/guidance on how to handle.

    James Wood
  • Vlad is one of the best thinkers I have ever worked with. He has strong derivative structuring skills, with a flair for innovation and getting deals done.
    Mark Aarons
    Head of FICC Solutions

Our partners

Where we don't have in-house expertise, we work with world-class partners, such as Quantifi for system solutions.

This means we have the ability to deliver full projects for you, via a convenient central point of contact.